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Prices works on a pay-as-you-go basis: you just pay for the space and the time your books and projects are listed on the site.


The system is very simple: you buy a pre-paid voucher and every time you make a booking on, the cost of your booking is automatically deducted from your voucher.


You receive an invoice by e-mail every time you purchase a pre-paid voucher or every time you top up an existing one. And you receive a confirmation by e-mail every time you make a booking.


At any time you can check your remaining credit together with your current and past bookings in my account section.



  • £5.00 week/book/category/small format (up to 10,000 pixel)
  • £10.00 week/book/category/large format (up to 20,000 pixel)
  • £10.00 week/book/homepage/ small format (up to 10,000 pixel)
  • £20.00 week/book/homepage/ large format (up to 20,000 pixel)

    Pre-paid vouchers come in these formats:
  • Baby : £50.00
  • Medium : £100.00 (get 5% extra for free)
  • Maxi : £1000.00 (get 10% extra for free)
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